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With their AI solution, Manual Process Intelligence (MPI), an automatic and anonymous analysis of manual work processes is possible. The MPI of MotionMiners equips employees in various areas of activity with mobile sensors and a smartphone. Localization is carried out anonymously via mobile sensors (wearables) and small radio transmitters (beacons). The beacons placed in the relevant storage areas, in conjunction with the smartphone, serve to locate the employees. The individual work steps are automatically reconstructed from the process data and made available for further analysis. The data collected in this way is analyzed with a highly specialized artificial intelligence, the "MotionMiners-AI", which processes all data with a pattern recognition solution based on machine learning. For this purpose, the movements, postures and also the work situation are detected and assigned to the tasks and regions in the work process.

The motion detection catalog currently includes more than 50 different activities, such as walking, waiting times per region / machine, picking, handling times per shelf, but also healthy and unhealthy stooping. The use of MPI is intended to enable holistic analysis and optimization of process efficiency and the recognition of ergonomic risks in production and logistics. The customer receives a full range of measurement equipment and access to an analysis dashboard. The measurable savings in previous projects were reportedly between 10 and 15 percent with peaks at 40 percent.

ESA BIC Incubatee (European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre).

The neutral air cargo platform. Air freight made more sustainable and economical.

We are a B2B platform that brings together freight forwarders and airlines for freight and routes. We make booking a route that includes multiple flights from different airlines as easy as booking an Uber. Freight forwarders get safe routes and a competitive price on a single AWB. Every airline can make profits with freight.

Julien Cote, CEO & Co-Founder of Wakeo is one of the Forbes 30 under 30.
Wakeo is a SaaS platform to bring real-time visibility on B2B transport flows (sea, air, road). They help shippers and forwarders improve customer experience and optimize operations. They do this by consolidating multiple transport partners into a central Saas platform to bring real-time visibility on all transport flows. They use satellite data and they connect to trucks embedded GPS & IoT systems. Through machine learning, they adjust dates of arrival on a dynamic basis and send alerts to operational teams for them to anticipate. They turn the Supply chain from reactive to predictive.

ThroughPut is the pioneer of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) supply chain that enables companies to identify, prioritize, and eliminate dynamic operational bottlenecks in real time by using their existing data and teams to solve their current problems and save millions of dollars, who are up to 600 times faster than experts in continuous improvement. ThroughPut's systems were developed by leading Fortune 500 geomarket logistic heads as well as Silicon Valley Analytics and Industrial IOT experts with decades of experience in the field.

With the Auto-ID radio sensor technology - the so-called SMART TAGs - developed by conbee GmbH, information about the location, status and movement is provided in real time. Companies can use it to optimize their processes, e.g. Logistics processes across the entire supply chain (SCM), improve storage concepts, save resources. Clear identification, localization in real time (real-time) and provision of further parameters are an important aspect of Industry 4.0. conbee accompanies its customers competently and in partnership from the first consultation to the implementation of the projects.