Who are we and what makes us special?

HAUS61 is a LogTech Accelerator that focuses purely on startups and companies in the logistics & supply chain sector. With its location in the B2B city of Frankfurt and close to the strongest cargo airport in Europe, Frankfurt Airport, the HAUS61 is predestined to establish innovations and opportunities right on the pulse of logistics.

What are our experiences?

The partners of HAUS61 have many years of experience and mature contacts in the various areas of logistics and the startup world.

What are we looking for in you?

We are looking for innovative start-ups from the logistics sector whose ideas, products and services match the partners and help us to further develop logistics. It does not matter whether you are in the idea / prototype phase or already established on the market. It depends on your know-how and your team.

What do we offer in that one year?

As a member of HAUS61, you get the opportunity to use the workplaces in HAUS61 with 1-2 people for up to 12 months. Decide whether you want to use the space continuously or on occasion. You get direct access to the decision makers of the HAUS61 partners and sponsors in order to advance your startup and gain a foothold in the market. In addition, there is the possibility of mentoring by the partners and sponsors in order to gain the experience and knowledge for your startup. We also support your startup via our social media channels and at all events at which HAUS61 is represented.

What opportunities does HAUS61 offer?

In addition to access to customers and networks as well as the logistics market in Germany and the Rhine-Main area, HAUS61 projects, joint ventures, etc. can arise, which can mean new opportunities for your startup. It is also possible for partners and sponsors to invest in your startup afterwards.

How can you imagine the contact with the sponsors and partners during the scholarship?

During the scholarship, 3-4 events such as kick-off, demo day and logistics after work will take place in order to get in touch with partners and sponsors. HAUS61 will provide coordinating support during the incubation. It is up to the commitment of each startup to determine how intensive the contact with partners and sponsors is.

What's next after a year of scholarship?

As an alumni in HAUS61, you will continue to receive social media visibility through HAUS61, contact with suitable new sponsors and the opportunity to access the premises in HAUS61 for meetings or individual working days.

Do startups have to pay something or give up shares?

No, your startup pays nothing for the time in HAUS61 and does not give up any shares. We only expect commitment in contact with partners and sponsors as well as the mention of HAUS61 in your external appearances, such as in your pitches or on your websites.