The Sovereign Speed ​​Group is the neutral and independent transport and handling specialist for courier, transport and logistics companies.

With the vision of being the most reliable and respected transport company in Europe in the B2B area for customers, employees and business partners alike, Sovereign Speed ​​always focuses on customer benefit in its business processes. At the same time, the entire group does whatever is necessary to always fulfill the trust placed in it. The top priority is transparency and mutual respect in dealing with employees, as well as fair play and good working conditions in the transport sector.

With over 700 employees from 35 nationalities in 17 countries, the neutral logistics company handles more than 1 million orders per year and uses 350 of its own vehicle units. As an "airline on the road", Sovereign serves over 100 overnight connections across Europe via its own network. Subsidiaries include Sovereign Direct, Sovereign Courier and Activ Cars.

CargoSteps is a cloud-based specialist for cross-company work and information flows in logistics. The core product is a door-to-door track & trace solution with proactive status updates. CargoSteps was founded in Frankfurt in 2016 and is now used by users in 22 countries.

With its open interface, CargoSteps can be integrated into other systems, allowing freight forwarders to immediately use the full functionality of the system without onboarding. Through the CargoSteps web application, smaller companies can also access CargoSteps, network with forwarders, carriers and couriers and jointly process transport orders immediately. With the help of the mobile app for smartphones for drivers, tracking of freight and sending updates becomes vehicle-independent. The use of CargoSteps leads to a decreasing error rate, an increase in productivity, relief for employees and an increase in customer satisfaction.